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Custom Items

All our favorite local businesses that create custom printed clothing, decals, etc!

SXP Gifts

We love the quality of the T-Shirts we received from SXP gifts! The fit is flattering and we had so many color options. The custom vinyl lettering was created for us based off of the DFWPG logo, and there are so many different things SXP Gifts can create for you! From cute graphic tees to adorable light up shadow boxes, your next unique gift must come from SXP! Follow her on instagram @sxpgifts or on facebook

The ColorPOP Print Studio

Whether you own a small business that need business cards or branding items or you just need a custom item made for personal use, we were so happy to work with ColorPOP! Not only can they help you create custom items, a super unique part of their business is their ability to host CUSTOM T-Shirt PARTIES! They are fully mobile and can bring the fun to YOU! We hosted a father's day event where dads and their little ones create a mathcing T-shirt set, and colorPOP's mobile printing is what made it possible! Check them out at

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