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The Drink Fairy Mobile Bartending

The Drink Fairy is a small business owned by Tiffany Carmona. Our experience with Tiffany has been amazing, she is so lovely to work with. Her drinks and homemade cotton candy were a staple at our launch event. The Drink Fairy brings a unique flair to your event that your guests will love to photograph and enjoy! The service is unmatched, and of course they can create non-alcoholic mixes for childrens' parties or even have a nonalcoholic option for parents and their little ones to enjoy! They create their backdrop for your custom event, and even have a champagne vine wall option!

Modern Market

Modern Market has a ton of yummy options on their catering menu. Your guests will love having something that isn't your basic sandwich or salad, and with Modern Market's fresh and delicious ingredients you can't go wrong!


McAlister's prides themselves in their freshly made teas and lemonades. These teas are made daily and must be served within 6 hours to maintain their one of a kind McAlister's quality! These are perfect refreshments for your next event.

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