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SeaQuest Fort Worth

Best Priced Interactive Animal Experiences in DFW!

If you've been looking for the perfect place to take your family without breaking the bank, we've found it for you! Play with animals like sloths and otters, all while learning about aquatic animals and their environments at SeaQuest Fort Worth! Keep reading to see our review on Seaquest's VIP Bundle experience!

Swim With Stingrays at SeaQuest!

This is seriously an experience that I don't think you can get anywhere else in DFW, especially not for this affordable price! You get to swim in a massive tank filled with sting rays. You're fully decked out in a wet suit and goggles. They all gather around you for krill and sting ray snacks, and definitely aren't shy! Our guide Taylor was so knowledgeable and even let us take home a tooth a baby had just lost.

Feed Cute Sloths

Come spend some time with Flash the sloth! Feed Flash some yummy sweet potatoes and pet her back while learning about sloths from the SeaQuest animal whisperers. Pro Tip: Visit around 12pm so that the sloths are awake and ready to engage.

Kinkajou Playdate

Honey the Kinkajou will be your new favorite animal! Native to South America, Kinkajou's are known for eating honey from bees. It cuddled right in our laps and was such an intimate encounter! This will be a toddler favorite. Grab some melon and other sweet fruit and show honey some love on your next visit.

Xander The Otter At SeaQuest Fort Worth

Xander was such an energetic little friend! Being able to watch him run and play and enthusiastically much on tilapia is so much fun. The little ones observing and the ones able to feed him both had a memorable experience! Adding on this interaction starts at just $19.95!

General admission to SeaQuest gives you such a memorable experience! Not only do you have access to a great aquarium with tons of animals to learn about, but there is a unique interactive twist to it. The employees truly care about the animals and their well being. Also, don't forget to grab some feeding tokens and spend time in the petting zoo with their adorable pigs and bunnies!

Pricing At SeaQuest

Animal interactions, like Xander the Otter, starts as low as $19.95!

Adult admission - $15

Kid's admission - $8

This is seriously the most family friendly, cost effective way to treat your kiddos! Click here for more info on pricing.

Birthday Parties And More At SeaQuest Fort Worth

You can do so much at SeaQuest Fort Worth! They have various birthday packages that will make your little one's special day so memorable. Their friends won't be able to stop talking about their day at SeaQuest. Parties include admission for 10, a private encounter, and goodies for everyone!

If you're not planning an event - no worries! Try the VIP experience or pick out your favorite interactions to add to your trip. Play with animals like otters for as little as $19.95, the best pricing in DFW. Don't forget you can always grab general admission tickets on the SeaQuest site!

Will you be visiting SeaQuest Aquarium? Send us photos of your family for a chance to be featured @thedfwparentguide!

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