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Sweets & Treats

Professional Bakers & Unique Treats we love!

Sweet Schnibbles

We were so happy to have had Sweet Schnibbles deliver cookies to us at our Kids Play Co. event! Not only did they individually wrap each cookie, which is perfect for an event where little baby hands will be grabbing all over the treats, they also clearly labeled the allergens in each cookie which eased the mind of our parents! Eggs, Gluten, wheat, etc. were all types of potential allergens clearly labeled! SS can make cakes, cookies, and a ton of other sweet treats. The kiddos appreciated the fuel for play time. Check them out or on instagram @sweetschnibbles

Tarts by Tartalicious

Located inside Chelle's Macarons inside the farmer's market, Tarts by Tartalicious is a CRAZY yummy gourmet Tart company that has a ton of unique flavors. The crusts are perfectly cooked, and the filling taste amazingly fresh. It is a perfect stop for a sweet treat or an addition to your next event, and you can even sign up for their tart tasting club to have specialty flavors of tarts delivered WEEKLY! You can learn more at

Alicia Vazquez Cakes

Alicia creates custom cakes for any occasion. We have personally tasted her yummy cake before and hired her to create a one of a kind rainbow layered cake for our launch event. The cake was almost too pretty to cut! Contact Alicia via IG: @aliciaajvazquez

Julie's Cookies

Julie is constantly booked, so make sure to put in your order early! Her professionalism is amazing and she can create smooth, perfectly customized cookies for any occasion!

Ashley's Sweets & Peruvian Treats

Ashley has worked hand in hand with out event coordinator for a variety of business and personal orders! She can create smash cakes for your little one, custom lettered cookies, as well as a host of other sweets.

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